Music Apps

There are countless music apps available on the market, but some may suit your needs or desires more completely than others, so be sure to try some different options. Most are either free, a one time fee, or subscription based. 

The following are some of our favorites:

Apple Music - Apple music offers a free 3-month trial, then $9.99/mo subscription. The collection of available songs is mind blowing, and the ability to select songs to be added to your library for offline listening is great so data charges are not being racked up while on-the-go streaming. You can also create online radio stations to listen to other similar artists, or genres. Overall, the possibilities are near endless with this app.


Tidal - Tidal is a growing service with the focus on sound quality. They offer two levels of subscription at $9.99/mo for the premium level of their standard sound quality or at $19.99/mo for the hi-fi lossless audio playback. At either level, the music choice can be curated to your preference, available offline, and is completely ad-free. For those who desire the utmost hi-fidelity sound, Tidal may be a great selection.

Spotify - Spotify is a great free app (if you don't mind the occasional advertisement), but will be limited on song skips. There is the option of a $9.99/mo premium subscription (with 1-month free trial) which offers offline listening, unlimited song skips, while being ad-free. 

Deezer - Deezer is another wonderful free app (with advertisements), that intuitively selects songs to match your "flow". Deezer will ask to see your artists in your library so it knows what music you enjoy, and you can add more artists that you "like" or "love". Again, there is the choice to upgrade to the subscription service at $9.99/mo. 

Pandora - Pandora is one of the original internet radio services that was widely available across platforms, however, was limited geographically to the United States. For a small subscription fee, you are able to listen ad-free.



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