Description and Compatibility

The Airhome app is available as a free download on the app store.  It is currently only available for iPhone or iPod but compatibility for other devices is on the way. The app is a multifunction app designed to be a user friendly configuration tool, as well as remote control for Airhome AMPs that are configured on the Wi-Fi network.

With the Airhome app you can remotely control the AMP volume, mute, and equalization when audio from music or movie apps is streaming on your Airhome system.

The Airhome app also provides an interface to review settings and update firmware of each connected AMP.

You can use the Airhome app to determine IP addresses of the AMPs on the network, or re-name the AMPs if needed. You can also update the firmware of each AMP to the latest version.

Note: The Airhome app does not select and stream audio and video sources for playback.

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