Remote for iTunes App

The Remote for iTunes App is a must have for all iTunes users. The app allows users to wirelessly connect mobile devices to their iTunes account through either PC or Mac and AirPlay® through Airhome. The app is currently offering a 3 month free trial but it can also be purchased in the GooglePlay® store for $3.99USD. 


Start by ensuring your Android® devices, Apple TV, and computers are all connected to the same Wi-Fi® network. Search for "Remote for iTunes" in the GooglePlay® store and select the app in the picture below. Download and install.

After downloading the app, open iTunes on your PC or Mac. Once iTunes is open, tap continue on the Remote app.

A numeric code will now be generated.

You should now see the "Remote" symbol in iTunes on your PC or Mac.

Select the "Remote" symbol and type in the code the app generated. You're now able to remotely control iTunes. To see how to Airplay® using the Remote app, tap or click here.








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