AirPlay® Audio With Apple TV® Gen 2 & 3

First, connect your Apple TV to the same Wi-Fi® network as your Airhome.

Next, turn on your Apple TV and start playing your favorite movie or TV show from any app.

While your Apple TV is playing, press and hold the silver ‘select’ button in the middle of your remote until your movie stops and a menu is displayed.

This is what the Apple TV menu looks like when your movie is interrupted.

Using the directional pad on your Apple TV remote, navigate up to the right to the ‘Speakers’ menu.

Select your preferred Airhome listening room such as the “Bedroom” and then press the silver ‘select’ button.

When your movie begins playing again, you will see an AirPlay icon on the right side of the transport bar to indicate Apple TV is now connected to Airhome.

To adjust the volume, you may re-enter the Speakers menu and use the directional pad to turn the volume up or down.

You may also use the Airhome app to adjust volume. Simply ‘tap’ the room to reveal the volume slider and then turn it up!

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